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Friday, September 14, 2012

Learn how to dance Gangnam Style from Psy

after a few weeks, Imma blogging again..
I'm too lazy & busy to blogging about my life ><"
Anyway, I want to show u Gangnam Style again!!

is regarding the meaning, the film making, mv, dance version & girl version...
GANGNAM STYLE fever everywhere~~

Part II here:
I'm going to blogging about Britney learns Gangnam Style from Psy!!
but 1st of all, let me show u How To Gangnam Style Dance as picture below:

I found it at Facebook Page..
but i know most of us cant read thai ><"
is OK, the picture still look cute & clear also what.. haha XD
am i right??

OK, now I'm going to share this!!
Britney Learns Gangnam Style from PSY!!
Obviously Britney look so surprise & happy when she saw Psy in the show. haha ^^
Psy as a special guest.
He totally "LIKE A BOSS"~

Can u imagine Justin Bieber is trying to learn his move??
How cute??
BUT still I felt PSY is the best!!
The most funny & cute version belong to him...
BTW, I found a HOT comment below the video link..
96 likes at the moment.
Let me show u:
when in fact he has been a huge artist in South Korea for many years and has a lot of talent. 
He had to stop Ellen and introduce himself and where he was from, because nobody was actually polite enough to do it for him. I felt really embarrassed for him.
Britney seemed to think he was just some random weirdo foreigner. And Simon Cowell wouldn’t even get up and dance or properly acknowledge him, which I think is pretty disrespectful.
Yea, I agree with that person..
but maybe is different culture, so it just will looked like disrespectful??
maybe Ellen too exited to learn horse dance??
maybe PSY is famous enough & no need to intro again??
maybe Simon too shy enough??
maybe no one invite he dance together, thats why he just sitting at there??
Lots of possibility..
So, I just feel don't over react & spoil the main focus point =)
In Short, PSY is ROCK!!