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Sunday, June 3, 2012

La Risata Bar Pizzeria Ristorante @ Ampang

Today Imma blogging about delicious Italian Cuisine -->  La Risata Bar Pizzeria Ristorante^^
which located at 16, Persiaran Ampang, 55500 Kuala Lumpur.
How to reach the destination??
I think GPS can lead you without any prob as we also depend on GPS ><" fml.

**btw, pls forgive me keep late blogging. I lazy & I know it.

Okay, let's look at the menu below:
Oops, I just realized that I didn't take any photos regarding the inner page ><" fmlx2
Anyway, I'm pretty sure that the inner page can't help u much as well.
This is because they just listing down the name ==> totally without photos!!

Doubt abt their working hour??
nah, provide u the answer here ==>
Mon - Sun: 12p.m.-2.30p.m. (Lunch) & 6.30p.m.-10.30p.m. (Dinner)
So, pls do remember visit on right time yeh...
** because we make a stupid mistake.... fml again.

Then, same as usual -- time to sharing environment photosss ^^
As u know, I like to capture the environment.
Here we go:

This consider as smoking area?? without air-cond.

Let me Copy & Paste some info here:

La Risata, meaning “the laughter”, are two lively restaurants in the suburbs of Ampang and Medan Damansara that have been serving some of the best Italian food in Kuala Lumpur since 1996. Well known for our good variety of authentic Italian dishes ranging from traditional wood-fired oven thin & crispy pizzas to pastas, meat and seafood dishes that exude the very essence of Italian dining – rustic, hearty and good. Diners can enjoy a glass of wine from our extensive wine list or unwind with an aperitif from our full bar.

Btw, private dining area is available too for group parties.
Also, they do have upstairs.
A new loft-style lounge await you.
Regret that we didnt go to upstairs to take some "professional" photos.
The view from upstairs really nice.

Look at the environment, I'm personally & sincerely heart this place so much.
Don't know why, sometime I feel that environment is important than the foods.
* sometime, I mean sometime only.
Not really must be luxurious, elegant or what, but it should have their own personal characteristic.
Do you agree??

Btw, service also super duper important for me!!
I just can't accept any lousy service or impolite workers.
However, La Risata provide GOOD service ^^

We all quite satisfy with their performance. Why they so impress us??
1. We visit on wrong timing. --> they informed us & asking whether need to reserve place for us.
2. We dunno what to order. --> they intro & explained to us.
3. We unable take group photo. --> they initiative help us take photo (without our request)
and so on....
Trust me, they are so damn friendly. =)

La Risata means The laughter ^^

So while waiting the foods, here is the time to keep take photosss...
Such a long time I didnt meet up with all my dearest Uni frens!!
Ello my fren, how are u all??

Anyhow, this time still incompleted.
Ah Miao & Weini is unable to attend this gathering (aka Siling's farewell)
Next time need punish u two liao lah...
Always failed to make it eh.. sigh ><"

Lady boss Byin & my fake twins ChowShin

Fake Twins as well --> Sweet Ching & Qian Yi

My blog supporter Wanxin & ex-roomate SiLing

Me & KeeLing *She is officially engaged.

After photo section, here is the time to EAT EAT EAT ^^
Actually we are not that excited one, because all of us is FULL.
We just finished our breakfast at mamak stall -- Roti Planta + Teh Tarik. Haha ^^
 * fyi, the mamak stall just beside the La Risata.
Because we came on wrong time, so what to do?? We just can sit and wait until right time.
We are hungry like hell, that's why we still order something to fill our stomach first.

OK, back to topic.
Their foods appearance is so damn awesome.

They serve FOC starter: White Bread & Homemade Olive Sauce.
Is very healthy but regret to said that we not really like olive sauce. 
Hot Chocolate

Hote latte

Iced Cappuccino
I didnt take photo for all the drinks.
Because the appearance is normal and the taste also so so only.
Maybe we should order wine??
No joke, there are so many alchohol drinks for choose.

Ok, let's talk about the main course.
I heart the main course so much ^^.

The first one Zuppa Di Pesce is ordered by KeeLing.
As what you can spotted on photos, there is alots of seafood inside & it serve in big portion.
For your information the tomato sauce is a lil bit sour ^^
Zuppa Di Pesce (RM38)
This is suitable for seafood lover as you can spot there are lots of prawn, mussel, squids, clam...

Qian Yi ordered Fettucini All Albese.
Obviously, Fettucini is much more thick than Spaghetti.
Match with white truffle oil & creamy parmesan chesse sauce.
Fettucini All Albese (RM30)
This is definately for creamy lover =D

SiLing and me ordered Spaghetti Alla Risata ^^ (is baked in foil, special isn't it?)
I love this combination so much!!
Normally I will choose Carbonara only, because I love chesse.
BUT came La Risata, you must try this one!! Worth to have a try.
Strongly recommend & guarantee you definately wont regret.
** unless u hate tomato sauce or seafood.
Spaghetti Alla Risata ♥ (RM35)
It served piping hot in aluminium foil ^^

Wanxin & Chowshin are ordered Capellini Al Nero Con Frutti Di Mare.
The taste is special as I never try angel hair pasta in a squid ink sauce.
The pasta is serve with prawn, squid & roasted cherry tomatoes. Cute ^^
Capellini Al Nero Con Frutti Di Mare (RM35)
Angel hair is quite special, right??

Sweet Ching ordered Ravioli Di Pecse.
This is house specialty made salmon ravioli in a creamy salmon sauce.
Look so special. Oh ya, I know that not everyone can accept salmon taste.
So pls make sure the ingredient before you place the order ^^
Ravioli Di Pesce (RM28)
Special & luxurious dumpling in creamy sauce.
We are so damn FULL!! satisfy till the max~
ChowShin even cant finished the foods~

Olala, is dessert time ^^
Their dessert is so damn good looking & the taste also nice...
Gosh, I feel hungry now!!

This is Tiramisu ^^ My All-time-favourite =D
Layers of Savoiardi biscuits soaked in espresso & filled with Italian mascarpone cream cheese.
Can you imagine the taste??
is Fantastic, baby!!
But in case you are not a coffee lover or cream lover or cheese lover, maybe you cant understand my feeling.
Tiramisu (RM16.00)

Secondly is Panna Cotta ^^
Smooth cream pudding with caramel sauce is best combination!!
I never try Panna Cotta before, this is my very first time & I love it too ^^
It was silky smooth but the caramel sauce are too sweet for me.

Done ^^ Finished intro all the foods that I have captured the photos.
Byin, too bad I didnt capture what you ordered!
Mayb u too beh hu beh hu & eat liao gua.. ><" haha

Actually La Risata have many variety foods.
For example: Pizza, Salad, Lamb, Steak, Snack and so on...
Just can said:
There are too many good foods but too less stomach. =)
I wish can try it again and again!!

Is time to sharing more photossss ^^

This is the group photo that Manager help us snap ^^
He said this is the best angle to show all of us & foods~

In case you have inquiries on charges or price.


Contact Info

Ampang - 603 42526269
Damansara - 603 20959572

Stay Tuned ^^
** Just realized I just blogging 3 time on 2012.!!
What a failed blogger!! ><"


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