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Friday, December 31, 2010

Limited Edition JJ-Lin NoteBook

Hello, guyz
Finally I get this!
 Limited Edition JJ-Lin Notebook ^^
wahaha >___^
u might asking why i look so happy?
bcz i'm JJ Fans?
Erm, not really..
That's bcz I try to get it 3 time alrd, but failed!
Many SuperMarket or MiniMarket is OUT OF STOCK!
I'm not kidding~
So can you imagine how happy I am?

So, u might ask how to get this??
Where to buy??
Its super duper EASY, friendz~
All we have to do is purchase:
 2 packets SUPER 3in1 Regular Coffee Mix~
Then you will get this
Limited Edition JJ-Lin Notebook

hello, better get one now before it's too late ^^
Let me show you the JJ-Lin Notebook front & inner pages!
I Like it so much, do u?
The inner page include 2011 calender~
U can mark ur special date in the Calender,
bcz 幸福就在下一个转角

Lastly,跟你分享个JJ SUPER的广告歌 ~


H2O said...

u should thank me lor...hehe...
yesterday u said wan belanja me a pack for trying de....;'(

HelenCC said...

hoon, yaya~
I should thankz u ^^
4get jor mah, u tak remind me eh..
next time u come my house,
i bancuh siap siap ^^