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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Little Cottage 2 (D' Cottage) @ Jalan Utama, Penang

23/11/2010 - a special outing v MsLauKeeLing^^
First we plan going to Harvest In Cafe, which located at Irrawaddy Road~
Search & search, find & find abt 1 hour... (or mayb > 1 hour)
but still we failed to find the cafe..FML =_=
Then I call KeeLing close her eyes, n randomly click the alternative restaurant in GPS~

Wanna having a romantic dinner?
I suggested here :
Little Cottage Cafe 2 (D'Cottage)
which located at The Waterfall 160, Jalan Utama, 10350, Penang ^^
The environment is nice & romantic^^
Let me show u^^

Christmas is around the corner ^^ I love Christmas deco~

It looks comfortable ^^ simple but nice, right?

The simple table lamp

How about the services provided?
is Nice^^ the waiter is quite alert & friendly^^

Once u enter the Cafe, they will provided u a F.O.C water (warm/cold) & snack (peanut) RM2~

They serve various
Western & Italian Food ^^
The main meals include beef, lamb, chicken, fish & pasta...

Little Cottage offers some promotion set, dinner set & lunch set ^^

Finally, we decided choose dinner set^^
KeeLing ordered Grilled Chicken dinner set~ (RM28.90)
I order Almond Chicken dinner set~  (RM29.90)
The dinner set included Mushroom Soup, Bread, Dessert & Drinks^^

The Bread taste normal ^^

The Mushroom soup is quite yummy^^ bcz is creamy~

Almond Chicken
The taste of Almond Chicken that I ordered is not bad ^^
However when eating too much will feel very greasy~
The most delicious stuff is that POTATO ^^
dunno why the taste is sibeh nice ^^ yum yum~
Normally I dont like to eat mashed potato~ even the mashed potato of Chilis or KFC..
but this potato is very tasty^^

Grilled Chicken

This is Grilled Chicken ordered by KeeLing.
It was quite tasty ^^
KeeLing love the sauce, bcz is quite speical ^^

Time to enjoy our dinner 1st ^^

yum yum yum + blah blah blah ...
enjoy chit chat n gossip moment^^
actually the place is quite suitable for couple to paktor.. is ROMANTIC~
but how for two of us??
then we assume this romantic dinner as our ealier Christmas Celebration lah ^^
after that, our dessert and drinks is coming ^^

Dessert: Chocolate Cake
Drinks: Coffee
a Good combination^^
but if Dessert & Drinks change to Tiramisu Cake & Cappucino Iced Blended,
then will be a Nice Combination ^^ haha >_<

I like the Chirstmas deco there^^

nanana, i tak bully the Mr.Santa yeh..

we spend RM66.88 for the dinner~
10% service charge, but no government charge ( a bit weird, right?)
The price is a bit expensive, but is affordable...

a memorable outing v MsLauKeeLing ..
a romantic dinner v MsLauKeeLing also ^^

Interest to having a dinner at Little Cottage Cafe 2?
Here is the Name Card ^^

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