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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pinang Peranakan Mansion Trip

Pinang Peranakan Mansion 外观

今天Ms. Laukeeling
为了Final Year Project要来做一些有关Heritage的Research~
所以我就奉旨陪她来了这里~ (其实好像变成她陪我参观呢~)

这里是:Pinang Peranakan Mansion~
简单来说也就是Baba Nyonya的文化遗留物啦~
里面丰富的呈现了一世纪末Baba Nyonya的富裕生活景象~

靠着GPS,我们两下就到达了~入门票:RM10 成人~
一进来就看到了宏伟的Central Courtyard~
左手边是Traditional Main Hall。
右手边是Dining Hall - Nyonya Tok Panjang。
(如果你有认真在看小娘惹,应该对tok panjang这个词很熟悉吧?)

The Central Countyard

Traditional Main Hall^^

Nyonya Tok Panjang^^

The Nyonya Tok Panjang is used for hosting festive occasions ^^

The Owner v his Wife ^^

This is Love Chair aka Kiss Chair. ^^ S shape geh~

LOok Nice, right??

This one is Gam Cheng ^^ used to put Tang Yuan ^^

Call me Queen ^^ wakaka >__<

This is the owner only daughter room^^

wuhoo^^ nice right?

The Photo Laukeeling take is BLUR~~

Recently like to take photo in front of Mirror ^^

Do u know where is here?
is Toilet ^^
should be Gent at Left & Lady at Right..
Keeling is Gent, Helen is Lady ~~ wakaka >__<

It look Nice & Elegant ^^

is MsLauKeeLing ^^

They also serve a Nyonya Food ^^
Plan for special Bday celebration? Wedding Dinner? Product Launch?
here is Your alternative function venue ^^

yup, after visited here..
I'm a bit in love v BabaNyonya Culture~

So, r u interest v BabaNyonya Culture?
except Melaka, Penang is ur alternative choice ^^


wing said...

Can you suggest the best place in penang...
Somewhere which might be meaningful and heart-warm for a stranger to come over... It's better to exclude those tourist attractions...
ps: Except your home, haha :)

HelenCC said...

Wing, where r u come from? Msia which part?
Best place in Penang ah?
is too many~~
if u wish to eat Penang Local Food, then i will suggest u "Gurney Drive" which near the Gurney Plaza~

wing said...

Next to N9...
I've been to penang b4, but I hope to see the face of penang which only penangites know about.. got me?
I have enough of the commercial, artificial and superficial stuff by tourist department.
Anyway, penang is a nice place where I will go explore again and again. =)

HelenCC said...

Oh, i c..
I'm quite surprising got someone are deep loving our Penang Culture^^

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