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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

21 suggestion for success

Aloha, everyone o(^____^)o
I'm sorry that ignore here such a long time.
Actually I visited blogspot everyday, just a little bit busy & lazy to update my half-dead blog.
Will update more frequent as I promised earlier..
Give me more timesss!! please...

Oh ya, I found this special & useful tips from Facebook ^^
21 Suggestions for Success
From: H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Hope the picture below will give you some ideassss =)

Dunno why I strongly agree the 2nd one..
Which is work at something you enjoy & that's worthy of your time & talent!!
However, all of us know is very hard to find a job that we really can apply our talent & we like it as well.
Besides, I also like the 3rd suggestion.
Give people more than they expect & do it cheerfully.
It not just make yourself feel good, other people would appreciate it as well.
It also same like the no.10, Treat everyone you meet like you want to be treated.
Am I right??

Share another special quote for you all.
Is meaningful =)

OK, I try make it short & sweet.
That's all for today.
Good nite!

P/S: I will update more frequent~~ (next post will be Koh Lipe trip)

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