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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fernroro's 1st Giveaway

Hey, guyz...
Good News sharing to you all!
from is doing a Giveaway
as her blog is reaching 50 followers^^
Aww, congratulation!
So, u might asking:"what she giveaway?"
 let me show you the Kawaii stuff ^^

So, take a look what is included in the Giveaway:
★1 x Rilakkuma plush
★ 1 x Bunny phone charm
★ 1 x Pencil case
★ 2 x Hello Kitty Post-It Note
★ 1 x Rilakkuma correction tape
★ 2 x Darkness false eyelashes
★ 1 x Sheseido ft. Hello Kitty moisturising lip balm
★ 1 x Hello Kitty stickers
★ 1 x Pink bow hair tie 
★ 1 x Floral print bow headband  
★ 1 x Mistine Cat Eye gel eyeliner in black
★ 1 x Silver folding mirror
Do you know?
Actually small things are expensive too yeh.
I do appreciate the opportunity to grab the Fernroro's Mini Giveaway!
Especially the Mistine Cat Eye Gel eyeliner in black is look Nice ^^
I want it, I want all this lovely stuff.
So, Do you Interest?
okie, what you need to do is:
 enter the giveaway here!!!
Closing date is held on this 28th of February.
Try your luck too ^^
P/S: wish me luck yeh^^

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