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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Helen's 1st GIVEAWAY! 免费赠品准备送给你~

Giveaway is Closed!
Once again, Thankz for entering~

Giveaway Winner is:
1. Tan Wan Xin
2. Angeline BK

Hey, my lovely reader~ Thankz everyone who has been pass by, reading or following my blog~
So, to thankz you all for supporting me, I've compiled a little GIVEAWAY for you all.
Yea, I'm going to GIVE you for FREE!  & of course I will pay for shipping the item.
Surprise? haha ^^ Hope you enjoy it!

是的,免费送出哦~ 当然,我会负责缴付邮票钱~
Let me show you the "Helen's 1st Giveaway" photo~

Yea, is Lovely Couples Key Ring~
You are Single? Is Ok what, because I'm going to separate the Key Ring for TWO lucky winners ^^
Mean EACH of winner will get only ONE of the Key Ring~
Want to grab this Lovely Couples Key Ring for free?
If you are interested please follow the simple rules below ^^


If you HAVE a BLOG: 如果你有部落格:
  1. Post a Comment with your NAME, EMAIL, & BLOG URL. 留言请记得注明名字,电邮,和部落格网址~
  2. FOLLOWING my blog with google friend connect.使用谷歌的朋友连接关注我的部落格~ 
  3. Do WRITE DOWN "I have been follow your blog" in the comment. (an EXTRA chance to become a winner)记得写下“我已关注”,因为这是额外的赢取机会~
  4. The Comment only will be visible after I approve it. 留言经过我批准才会显示出来~
If you DON'T HAVE a blog: 如果你没有部落格:
  1. Is OK, you can leave a comment by selecting comment as: ANONYMOUS. Then comment with your NAME & EMAIL.也没问题,你只需要选择comment as: ANONYMOUS,同时留言请注明名字和电邮~
  2. The Comment only will be visible after I approve it.留言经过我批准才会显示出来~

VERY EASY, right?

WHO will be pick as Winner?
1. The 1st reader post me a COMPLETE comment will be pick as one of the Winner ^^
(equal chance for people have a blog & people without blog)
2. The 1st reader who post me a COMPLETE comment & follow my blog with Google Friend Connect will also be pick as one of the Winner ^^
(Only Bonus chance for people have a blog & following my blog)

Extra Information:
I will contact the winner via Mail or
Annouce at my Blog to asking for your postal address^^
I will only email via
Becareful with other unknown mail that fool you. (just in case)
If any items lost or damaged during shipping is winner own responbility.

Thankz for participate & Good Luck^^
If you have any questions, just leave a comment below^^

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