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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas ^^

Aloha, people ^^
I can't feel the SNOW but at least I can feel the COLD in Malaysia!!
will celebrate Christmas at Genting Highland again in this year =^o^=
I love Christmas so muchie..
Especially those lovely decoration~
Imma taking many many photo at Genting!! wahaha ^^
last year (2010) Genting emphasize on Go Green - 3R "recycle, reduce, reuse" concept.
Please review this post Christmas Eve @ Genting for more photos & details!
* I like those decoration so much!

How about this year?
hmm, I dunno..  * but I will get the answer soon~
Camera==> checked
Battery==> checked
Holiday mood ==> checked

I still remember last year earlier Christmas celebration with Keeling at D' Cottage ^^
Click Little Cottage 2 for more details.
The environment & foods is nice ^^ quite romantic.
How about this year?
Will blogging soon.. wahaha ^^

Sharing an old post to you all..
My favorite Christmas song ==> Last Christmas ^^
Click Last Christmas Video - 3 version ^^ enjoy ~

Simple updated.
Will blogging soon...
Stay Tuned ^^

Last but not least,
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year everyone ^^

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